Updated June 23: ATTENTION members: We have received reports of someone knocking on doors claiming to be a Coast Electric meter reading contractor. This person is NOT an employee and is NOT affiliated with Coast Electric. The member reporting this incident lives on JP Ladner Road in northwest Harrison County. The person posing as a contractor was in a van. That tag number has been given to local authorities. Please be alert and do not let anyone claiming to be a meter reader have access to your home or property. Protect yourself and your family and call local authorities to report any suspicious activity. Please call us at 877-769-2372 if you have any questions.

Coast Electric members should know:
– There is absolutely no reason a Coast Electric employee should need to enter your home.
– The only exception to this rule is if the member has contacted Coast Electric and made an appointment for a home energy audit.
– Coast Electric does not service any equipment inside of members’ homes and employees will never need access to the inside of your home to do electrical work.
– Employees will be in marked vehicles, wearing clothing with a company logo and should be able to produce a company badge if asked.

If someone tries to gain access to your home or property:

  • Do not let them in.
  • Call local authorities
  • Call Coast Electric at 877-769-2372 to report the incident.

We have also received information that scammers are calling homes and businesses claiming to be Coast Electric employees and threatening disconnection if payment is not made.

  • Coast Electric WILL NOT call you to ask for payment.
  •  Coast Electric WILL NOT demand you pay in any certain way. We accept all valid forms of payment in our offices, at our payment kiosks, online, over the phone (If YOU call US) or on our app.
  • DO NOT give any personal/financial information to anyone who calls.
  • Hang up, call local authorities and call Coast Electric at 877-769-2372.


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