Capital Credits

More information about capital credits is coming soon! Thanks for your patience while we update our page.

Early Capital Credit Retirement

What happens to allocations for members who have passed away or moved outside of the service area?

Capital credits allocated to Coast Electric members always belong to that member, even if they move outside of the co-op’s service area or pass away. Until recently, there was only one option for former members of the association, but Coast Electric is now offering another option for members who move outside of the service area, and for the families of members who have passed away.

Option 1 – Former members – those who have passed away or who have moved outside of Coast Electric’s service area with inactive accounts still receive capital credit retirements until the balance is completely refunded.

Option 2 – Former members now living outside of the service area, or the estates of deceased members, may request an early retirement of their allocated capital credits. An early retirement would offer a one-time payment of capital credits associated with the account on a net-present-value basis, less any bad debt that needs to be collected.

Why is Coast Electric offering an early retirement option?

Remember that Coast Electric may retain a member’s capital credit allocation for many years so those with inactive accounts will receive retirements for years to come. Sometimes this is not the most convenient option for our former members. An early retirement will:

– Allow those receiving capital credits on behalf of deceased members to settle estates in a timely manner. Often times, surviving family members who receive a check for a deceased family member run into problems when attempting to cash or deposit the check.
-Ensure funds are received. Although Coast Electric does make every attempt to ensure that former members who have moved outside of the service area receive their checks, checks do occasionally get returned from the postal service. The early retirement option offers a convenient way to settle the account and receive a one-time payment, instead of several smaller payments over a period of several years or decades.

Members, or former members living outside the service territory who would like to know more about the early retirement option, should contact Coast Electric at 877-769-2372. Current members (even though they don’t qualify for the early retirement option) may log on to their accounts to review their capital credit allocations.

For inactive account holders who would like to have their capital credits paid early, the following items will need to be completed and notarized:

  1. Application for early capital credit retirement OR Early capital credit retirement request for the estates of deceased members
  2. If applicable, a copy of appointment of personal representative (i.e. will and/or any other documents deemed necessary)
  3. W-9 for refunds (
  4. The electric account must be closed before payment can be made.  If you choose not to take advantage of this one-time payment, any future payments will be paid according to Coast Electric’s current policies.If you have any further questions, please call 877-769-2372 or send an email to