How can I view my electric account information (due date, bill amount, etc.?)
First, you’ll need to register/create an online account. Click here to begin.

What is required to get power connected to my home?
There are many factors that determine what is required for you to receive power. Please call 1-877-7MYCEPA to find out specifically what is required in your area.

What methods of payment do you accept?
Besides cash and personal checks, Coast Electric accepts Visa, MasterCard and Discover credit cards. With a credit card, members can pay in person, over the phone or online.

Can I apply for power from your website?
Yes, you can. Simply click here for an application.

How much is my deposit and will I have to pay one?
Residential members who are required to pay deposits will be charged $250 or the average of two months of bills. All renters are required to pay deposits. Churches and small commercial businesses are required to pay a deposit or $300 or an average of two months of bills. Large commercial members are required to pay a deposit of $500 or an average of two months of bills.

How long does it take to get my residential deposit back?
12 months of good payments. (ie., no late payments or disconnects)

How much does it cost to get power connected to my home?
There is a basic charge of $35, plus a membership fee of $5, plus tax. A deposit might also apply. If you are building a new home using a temporary power pole, there is a charge of $35 for the initial set-up of the temporary pole and additional charge of $35 to change the pole from a temporary one to a permanent one.

Why can’t I pay a two-month bill online?
A two month’s bill is also a disconnect notice. If your bill is not paid by the date shown on the disconnect notice, your service is subject to disconnection. Payments made online take a day to process, so there’s a chance that if you make an online payment on your disconnect date, it may not get processed until it’s too late. You are not allowed to pay a two month’s bill online in order to prevent your service from being interrupted.

Can I make an application for new service for someone else?
No. Only the person who wants the electric account to be in his or her name can make application for service.

When will my meter be read?
With our new automated meters, readings are taken daily. Your monthly bill should show a Meter Read Date From month to month, that date should only vary by a few days at most. We encourage you to learn to read your meter and become familiar with your energy use patterns.

Can I report electric service problems from your website**?
Yes. Send an e-mail to call@coastepa.com and please be as specific as possible. A member services representative my contact you to gather additional information. **If your problem is an urgent one (ex., a power outage or a downed power line – please call 1-877-7-MYCEPA immediately.)

I am signed up for recurring credit card payment. Why was my bill not paid?
Has your credit card expired? Have you provided Coast Electric with an updated credit card number? Please call a member services representative at 1-877-7MYCEPA to find out.

I see there is a charge for environmental compliance on my bill. What is this charge?
This fee represents the cost incurred to meet government mandated environmental regulations for the generation of power and is based on the number of kWh used X $.003.

Does CEPA provide or set panel boxes?
No. Please consult an electrician.

Does CEPA supply temporary power poles?
No. These should be available at most electrical supply stores or building supply warehouses. Many electrical contractor also supply these.

Can you send someone out to locate your underground lines on or near my property?
If you need an underground power line located, please contact Mississippi One Call at 1-800-227-6477 at least two days prior to the start of excavation. Go to www.ms1call.org for more information.