Does your home qualify for our Nest Thermostat pilot program?

Coast Electric is participating in a Nest Thermostat pilot project in conjunction with our generation and transmission cooperative, Cooperative Energy.

Nest thermostats learn behaviors of homeowners and can lead consumers to increased efficiency practices and savings on power bills. This pilot program will study the savings and benefits of the Nest thermostat for Coast Electric members.

Requirements for all participating homes: 

  • Homes should be all electric
  • Members may not be on our Time of Use rate
  • No secondary heat sources (fireplaces are okay, woodstoves are not)
  • No pools or hot tubs
  • 2-5 Occupants
  • Coast Electric members in their current home for at least one year

Requirements for new homes: 

  • Year constructed: 2015-2017
  • Duct location: All ducts located in the attic
  • Size: 1,950-2,300 sq. ft.
  • 3 or 4 bed/2 bath
  • Building height: 1-story house
  • Framing: Stick 2×4 (R-13)
  • Foundation type: Slab (uninsulated)
  • Heating/Cooling: Heat pump
  • Attic insulation: R-38
  • Double-paned windows

If any members feel like they could qualify for the program please email or call our Harrison County Energy Management Representative Tyler Green at 228-539-5720 or

I haven’t touched my thermostat. Why is my bill higher?

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How cold weather affects your bill

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System updates Jan. 5-7

Coast Electric will be completing system updates this weekend. Members will not be able to make payments from Friday evening through Sunday. Members must also call 877-769-2372 to report outages. Reporting outages on the app will not work until updates are complete. We appreciate your patience while we work to update and maintain our system to…Continue Reading

Coast Electric’s Annual Meeting & Member Appreciation Night – Nov. 2

Coast Electric will host members on Thursday, Nov. 2 at the cooperative’s Kiln Headquarters building for the Annual Meeting and Member Appreciation Night. Registration begins at 5 p.m. and the business meeting will be called to order at 6:30 p.m. Members in attendance will have the opportunity to visit various booths before the business meeting…Continue Reading

Coast Electric prepares for Nate

Coast Electric employees are on alert and making preparations for what is expected to become Hurricane Nate. Here’s what you should know: Offices will be closed on Monday, Oct. 9 so all employees can focus on restoration efforts. If you require electricity for medical equipment, we cannot guarantee service after storms. You should prepare for outages and make…Continue Reading

Site Maintenance Wednesday, Sept. 20

On Wednesday, Sept. 20, we will be performing site maintenance and will not be able to accept payments via phone, app, kiosk or on our website from 5 p.m. until midnight. You will still be able to report outages by calling 877-769-2372. We appreciate your patience while we work to make system upgrades.Continue Reading

Coast Electric assisting Florida co-op in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma

Coast Electric crews are preparing to assist Clay Electric Cooperative in Florida in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma. Clay Electric serves 170,000 members in 14 North Florida counties. At 10 a.m. on Monday morning, Clay reported that 152,811 members are without service. Coast Electric is sending construction and service crews as well as vehicle maintenance…Continue Reading