Rebate Programs

Heat Pump Rebate:
You can receive $50 per ton for the installation of energy efficient electric heat pumps.  Heat pumps provide heating and cooling all in one system. Heat pump technology is the most advanced and energy-efficient heating and cooling technology available.  Heat pumps do not create heat like combustion furnaces, but simply transfer heat from where it is to where you want it to go using heat exchangers, compressors and refrigerant. Since more heat energy is transferred than consumed in the process, the efficiencies of heat pumps range from 200-400% as compared to 80-95% for combustion furnaces.

Electric Cooking Equipment Rebate:

You can receive $10 per kilowatt (kW) on each piece of electric cooking equipment rated at 6kW or greater.  Some of the benefits of electric cooking equipment include cooler kitchens and happier employees, lower overall cooling bills, reduced ventilation requirements, and easy cleaning.

To qualify for either of these programs, an inspection of the installed equipment will need to be performed. Please contact:

Scott White – Pearl River County – 601-889-5109
Phillippe Michel – Hancock County – 228-363-7261
Tyler Green – Harrison County – 228-539-5720
Director of Energy Management: Mark Wallace (228) 363-7305