Report An Outage

If you are experiencing an outage, you can call 877-769-2372 or use the CE on the Go mobile app for instant outage reporting.

About Coast Electric’s outage reporting system

Coast Electric maintains an outage reporting service seven days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The Dispatch Control Center is focused on safely limiting the amount of outage time for our members. Dispatchers use computerized graphical systems that allow them and system control personnel to observe outages and find the source of the problem so Coast Electric linemen and servicemen are able to restore outages safely and as quickly as possible for our members.

Reporting a Street Light Outage

If you would like to report a street light outage, you may submit this form. Please note that street light outages are repaired Monday through Friday.

Street light outage reporting form - this form is for street lights only and should not be used to report outages at your home.

  • *If possible, please tie a ribbon around the light pole so we can easily identify the problem light. *All requests will be sent to our member services department after submission.