Section II- Definitions

The following terms, when used in these Rules Governing Electric Service, Applications and/or Contracts for Electric Service, and Rate Schedules, shall mean:

  1. “Association” means Coast Electric Power Association
  2. “Consumer” means an individual, partnership, association, firm, public or Private Corporation or governmental agency purchasing electric service from “Association” at one location, through one meter, under one contract.
  3. “Consumer’s Wiring System” means non-Association wiring system used to conduct electric energy from point of electric service delivery to various points of use by Consumer.
  4. “Point of Electric Service Delivery” means point at which conductors of Association Connects to Consumer’s wiring system.
  5. “Month”, ” Monthly”, or “Service Month” means interval between meter reading dates of not less than twenty-five nor more than thirty-five days, except when calendar month may be specified.