Section III- Kind of Service

  1. While desiring and endeavoring to meet promptly, and adequately all requests for Electric service, Association does not hold itself ready to furnish voltages, phases or frequencies of alternating current, or classes of service, other than those specified in its regular rate schedules, nor to furnish electric service of closer voltage regulation than Association’s standard practices.
  2. When Consumer has particular requirements for service and requests Association to provide additional or special facilities not normally provided by Association, Association may provide the facilities if Consumer agrees to compensate Association therefor.
  3. Single phase service is available at any point on Association’s various existing primary distribution systems. Such service is not available for service to motors operation under a single control with a total locked rotor current in excess of 150 amperes except when, in Association’s opinion, operation of such motors will not cause objectionable voltage fluctuations on Association’s system.
  4. Three phase service is available under these electric service rate schedules wherein reference is made in the Availability and Type of Service provisions to three phase service, provided conditions in Section VII, 1, are fulfilled.