Section IV- Use of Service

  1. Association will furnish temporary, auxiliary, supplemental, or breakdown service only when in its judgement it has sufficient capacity available in its plant, lines, and other service facilities, and such service will only be furnished under a contract containing among other provisions, appropriate charges for special conditions of such service.
  2. Consumer shall not use electric energy from any other source while being supplied by Association without written consent of Association except as provided in Section VIII, 3.
  3. Electric service will be supplied only for Consumer’s own use and particular establishment and is restricted to one person, firm, or corporation at a single establishment of such person, firm, corporation as a Consumer.
  4. All electric service under a single service contract shall be measured by one meter installation and shall not be resold or shared with others. Any owner or operator of an establishment used for tenant occupancy who supplies electric energy, purchased from Association, to his tenants without any specific charge therefore will not be considered as sharing with others.
  5. Association may from time to time classify its electric service according to purpose for which service is used, quantity used, time used, or any other reasonable consideration and may establish separate rate schedules applicable thereto.
  6. Association will apply its rate schedule which appears applicable to Consumer’s service from information available to Association at time Consumer applies for service. Should consumer’s uses of service thereafter change to extent that another of Association’s Rates would also be applicable thereto, and should further, Consumer in writing notify Association thereof and request a change of rate schedule, Association will bill Consumer under such other schedule, if applicable, commencing with next succeeding billing period, providing necessary service agreements are executed. Except as provided herein, Association shall not be obligated to change from one schedule applicable to Consumer’s use to another schedule applicable thereto.
  7. Association may refuse or discontinue electric service to any Consumer when wiring or equipment on Consumer’s premises does not conform to rules and regulations of public authorities applicable thereto, or to minimum requirements of National Electric Safety Code and National Electrical Code applicable thereto. Association does not assume responsibility therefor nor liability thereto for any injury or damage due to condition of Consumer’s wiring, nor shall Association be obligated to make inspection thereof.
  8. Consumer shall not use electric service furnished by Association in such a manner as to cause excessive voltage fluctuations on Association’s electric system. Association may require Consumer at his own expense to provide suitable apparatus which will reasonably limit such fluctuations. In event of Consumer’s inability or refusal to do so Association may discontinue service.
  9. Association will install metering equipment at or near point of service or other suitable location, to measure total electric service of each Consumer, when Association’s rate schedule for the electric service is based upon quantity use.
  10. Association may suspend service to a Consumer without notice and without terminating agreement for service in event the meter or devices used in supplying or measuring electricity on such Consumer’s premises is altered or changed in any way, or any contrivance is attached thereto, so as to cause such meter to register incorrectly or prevent registration. Association may refuse to restore service after suspension until Consumer has complied with all reasonable requirements and rules of Association designed to prevent a recurrence.
  11. In instances where the events described in Section IV, 10, shall have occurred, Association may also require from Consumer, whether or not his service has been discontinued, reimbursement to Association for the cost of the estimated amount of unmeasured service, the cost of replacing and/or repairing any damaged equipment, plus a Power Diversion Investigation fee (Appendix A), plus a Consumer Deposit as described in Section VI, 9.