Section VI- Metering, Billing, and Payment

  1. Consumer’s billing determinants shall be measured by commercially acceptable metering equipment installed and owned by Association.
  2. Consumer’s total electric service under a single contract shall be measured by one metering installation, and his monthly service bill shall be computed on registrations thereof except only as provided in Section VI, 3, 6, or when Association’s rate schedule or agreement for purchase of power for service furnished is not based on quantity use.
  3. Should metering equipment fail to register properly, Consumer’s billing determinants may be estimated upon basis of either Consumer’s service use during next billing period after meter has been replaced, repaired or restored to proper operating condition, or service use data during a previous corresponding period, or such other reasonable basis as will fairly compensate Association for service rendered during affected period.
  4. Unless otherwise provided in applicable rate schedules, meters will normally be read for billing purposes at monthly intervals in groups known as routes. Such routes are read throughout month with reading date of any particular meter depending upon route in which it is grouped. When it is impractical to read route at its scheduled time Association may elect to determine billing for entire route, or any part of route, on estimated usage based on previous experience.
  5. When number of days between monthly meter reading dates is less than twenty-five (25) or more than thirty-five (35) days, bill for such service period will be computed at monthly rates on prorate basis.
  6. When representatives of Association are unable to obtain meter reading because of temporary inaccessibility of meter, Association may render appropriately marked estimated monthly bills based upon either a previous month’s service use or other reasonable basis for such period or periods as meter readings are not obtainable. When actual meter reading is obtained for entire inaccessible period, estimated monthly bills rendered for that period will, if inequity in billing has resulted, be recomputed and adjusted accordingly.
  7. A bill for electric service shall be rendered by the Association for each service month and is payable at the Association’s offices within ten (10) days following date rendered, or on or before delinquent date shown on bill, whichever is later. If such bill is not paid when so payable, a late fee (Appendix A) may be assessed and the Association may at any time after expiration of five (5) days written notice, suspend service to Consumer. If such bill for which the service has been suspended is not paid within a further period of five (5) days, the Association may at its option, treat service agreement with the Member as terminated, whereupon all rights of Membership shall cease; provided , however, in such event the Member shall be liable to the Association for all sums due as of date of such suspension of service and in addition thereto monthly minimum bills for unexpired portion of Members service agreement or any existing renewal thereof, and the Association shall have right to remove its meters and other property from Member’s premises. In the event of any delinquency in the account of any member, the member agrees to pay, in addition to the amount owed, actual collection expenses incurred by the Association, or forty percent (40%) of the amount owed, whichever is greater. Any obligations due the Association will be set-off against any capital credits retired to Member, as they are retired under the Association’s normal retirement procedures
  8. The Association may, however, extend time for paying any one or more bills or any part thereof, and its action in so doing, whether by taking note of Member or anyone else with or without security or extending time for paying such bill, or bills shall be without prejudice to its right thereafter to suspend service and to treat Member’s service agreement as terminated.
  9. When electric service to a Member has been disconnected for non-payment of a delinquent account, all amounts due for service up to date of last billing, plus a reconnect charge (Appendix A) shall be paid to the Association before service is reconnected. In addition to the above charges, the Member may have to pay an additional deposit in accordance with Appendix A. A returned check charge (Appendix A) will be billed to each account for which payment is made by check or draft that is subsequently returned due to being dishonored by the bank. This charge shall be made for returned checks marked insufficient or nonsufficient funds, account closed or no account with bank on which check is drawn. No charge will be made where the reason the check was returned was an error by the bank.
  10. .If a meter test discloses error in registration in excess of (1) 4% for full-scale demand registration of thermal type lagged demand meters, (2) 2% for full-scale demand registration for other demand meters, (3) 2% for all kilowatt-hour meters based upon an average error as defined in Section VI, 12, then Association will bear cost of test and will adjust Member’s billing as follows:(a)       Over Registration – Association shall refund Member an amount equal to estimated overcharge for one period not to exceed ninety (90) days previous to such test; provided however, if error was due to some cause date of which can be accurately determined, overcharge shall be computed back to, but not beyond, such time.(b)       Under Registration- Member shall pay Association amount estimated to be due for electric service used, but not charged for in bills rendered, not to exceed ninety (90) days previous to such test; provided, however, if error was due to some cause date of which can be accurately determined, undercharge shall be computed back to, but not beyond such time. If Metering equipment is found not to have been registering at all, bill will be estimated upon Member=s service use during next billing period after meter has been repaired or replaced, or upon such other reasonable basis. Correction of charges on account of under registration will be made when discovered by adding proper amount to next service bill.
  11. The Association will, upon Member’s request, test metering equipment which measures member’s service. If test shows accuracy of metering equipment within limits specified in Section VI, 10, then Member shall pay a meter test fee (Appendix A), and shall not be entitled to any adjustment in billing.
  12. Error in registration of a kilowatt-hour meter shall be determined as follows:
    A percentage registration shall be taken at light load, which is 10% of the rated meter test current and also, a percentage registration shall be taken at full load, which is 100% of the rated meter test current.
  13. Unless otherwise stipulated in applicable rate schedule, the Association reserves right to, adjust service bills to equivalent of 85% lagging power factor when Member’s equipment is operated in such a manner that power factor, determined at point of service delivery to Member, is lagging and is less than 85% of unit power factor.
  14. Association reserves the right to read meters and render bills under any rate schedule every other month (bi-monthly) or every third month (quarterly) instead of monthly as provided in these rules and, in rate schedules in which event these rules and rate schedules will be appropriately modified.