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How we restore your electric service

Step 1 – We focus on the biggest repairs first to restore power to the most members – this means generating facilities, high-voltage transmission towers and lines that feed distribution substations.
Step 2 – Substations are next. Repairs here can bring power to a large number of homes and businesses.
Step 3 – Distribution three-phase lines are then checked. They carry reduced voltage electricity from the substations to towns, communities and subdivisions.
Step 4 – Next, we check the single-phase lines which carry electricity to utility poles or underground transformers outside homes and other buildings.
Step 5 – Finally, the service line between your home and transformer on a nearby pole may be damaged. This may keep you in the dark while your neighbors have power. Call us if you have an outage here.

Remember safety first

*Treat all downed power lines as energized. Beware of downed lines hidden by debris.
*Avoid piling any debris or trash on or around electric facilities, including padmount transformers, poles or loose wires.
*Report all downed lines immediately.

Outage Reporting

If you have a power outage or another concern about your electric service, please do not stop crews to report the problem. Contact your local Coast Electric office or call 877-7MY-CEPA.

How Coast Electric Restores Power

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