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Coast Electric Power Association is always looking for opportunities to offer quality programs and services to members and the Surge HELP home warranty program is one such offering.

The best part of the SurgeHELP home warranty is the enhanced coverage you get. SurgeHELP will warranty electronic and electro-mechanical devices including medical equipment, security systems, garage doors, sprinkler systems, well pumps and outbuildings that most surge protection devices do not warranty. The only items not covered by SurgeHELP are power tools and antiques. SurgeHELP home warranty program does not require any equipment.

Simple Claim Process

Surge Help Claim Form

If you have questions concerning your home’s coverage from lightning surges please feel free to contact your local Residential Energy Representative.

Director of Energy Management: Mark Wallace (228) 363-7305

Scott White – Pearl River County – 601-889-5109
Phillippe Michel – Hancock County – 228-363-7261
Tyler Green – Harrison County – 228-539-5720

Surge HELP Removal Policy: Coast Electric members can request and be removed from theSurgeHELP program at any time. Once a member is removed from the program they must wait at least one (1) year from removal date to rejoin the program.

To purchase quality point-of-use surge protectors from our partner, Dominion Products and Services, please go to These surge protectors are not available for sale at Coast Electric offices.
Download a Surge HELP Claim Form

or call 1-888-848-7893 and request a form. Please make copies of the claim form and receipts for your records.
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