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Covid-19 Recovery Plan

Our commitment to our members

The global pandemic has been a threat to the health, safety, and the economic stability of many. Coast Electric recognizes that the Covid-19 virus has been a hardship for many of our members. While we are working to return to normal business operations, we have a plan to work with every member who has been affected.

Visit our Covid-19 information page for details.

We will also update Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with any new information. Thank you for your support as we work to keep your cooperative a safe environment for us all.

Lobbies are open

Our lobbies are open. While we are happy to welcome our members into our offices once again, we do encourage members to use alternate methods to conduct business with us and to pay to reduce exposure.

We ask those who visit our offices to follow recommended CDC guidelines by:

  • Keeping a 6-foot distance between you and other members or Coast Electric employees.
  • Wearing a mask.
  • Using hand sanitizer before entering our lobbies.
As an essential business, it is important that our workforce is well and able to maintain the reliable service you've come to expect. The health and safety of our members and employees is our first priority and we appreciate your consideration.

So What’s an Electric Cooperative and how does it help me?

Electric cooperatives like Coast Electric are operated and owned by the people we serve. That means you're more than just a customer, you are a member of your local electric co-op. Co-ops are not-for-profit businesses so decisions are made with our members, not profit, in mind. We were built and are lead by members just like you and we want you to know what being a member of a co-op is all about.

Learn more about the benefits of being a member and consumer of Coast Electric and about Coast Electric's mission of providing safe, excellent service, affordable electricity and improving the quality of life in the communities we serve.

So What’s an Electric Cooperative and how does it help me?

Superior Service and Dependable Energy.
At the Lowest Possible Price.

Each year, Coast Electric ranks as one of the top utilities in the nation for providing reliable electric service. Reliable service doesn't only mean fewer outages for shorter periods of time, it means having highly-skilled employees you can depend on when the power does go out. It means having a team of people working for you to balance reliability, service and cost. Because we aren't just the people who work here - we are your neighbors, your friends and we are members, too.


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Time of Use Rates

As a consumer, you’re accustomed to making money-saving choices and paying lower prices for goods and services used during off-peak times. A number of industries — such as telecommunications and commercial airlines — offer attractive off-peak rates to even out customer demand and prevent system overload.

Coast Electric’s Time of Use (TOU) electric rate is based on the same idea. By reducing your electric use during peak times, you have the opportunity to decrease your annual energy costs — without reducing the overall amount of electricity you use.

Energy Efficiency and You. What You Can Do to Lower Your Power Bills.

Have you ever had a company tell you to use less of the product it sells? That's exactly what we want you to do. When you manage your energy use and save, less energy needs to be produced and everyone saves. There's a lot of information out there but we want to be your source for energy savings. We have lots of programs and services that can make a difference in the energy you use and the money you spend. Let us show you how to take charge of your energy use.


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Renewable Energy at Your Cooperative

Providing reliable, affordable energy to our members is our mission. To make sure we reach that goal, Coast Electric's generation provider, Cooperative Energy, uses a diverse mix of generation sources, including an expanding portfolio of solar energy. We want to be your trusted source and help you make decisions about which solar options are right for you. Check out what we have to offer. The future is bright!

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