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Part of Coast Electric's mission is to improve the economy and quality of life in the communities we serve. We understand what a great responsibility it is to power the businesses that serve our communities and are happy to help you get started.

All wiring shall conform to the requirements of the National Electric Code and to state, municipal and county inspection requirements. Where permits, inspection and registrations are required by law, the applicant must provide Coast Electric Power Association with the documents showing these items have been applied for, accepted and inspected. Please check with local city and county building officials and inspectors before making your request for electric service.

Hancock County  
 Hancock County Tax Collector  228-467-4425
 City of Bay St. Louis  228-469-0531
 City of Waveland  228-466-2549
 Hancock County Zoning Commission  228-467-4157
Harrison County  
 Harrison County Tax Assessor  228-865-4044
 Harrison County Code Administration  228-832-1622
 City of Gulfport  228-868-5715
 City of Long Beach  228-863-1554
 City of Biloxi  228-435-6270
 City of D’Iberville  228-392-9278
Pearl River County  
 Pearl River County Tax Assessor  601-403-2224
 Switchboard  601-403-2300
 Planning Commission  601-403-2205
 City of Picayune  601-798-9770

Coast Electric employees work to provide reliable electric service to the homes and businesses it serves. However, there is no guarantee of uninterrupted service. Coast Electric has no liability for damage sustained because of failure or partial failure of the power, failure or reversal of phases or variation in service characteristics whether caused by an accident, repairs, storms, or other causes; nor is the company liable for damages that may be incurred due to the presence of the company’s property on the member’s premises. It is the responsibility of the member to provide and maintain adequate relays and circuit breakers to protect against single-phase and phase reversal conditions on three-phase service installations.

Coast Electric service, engineering or staking personnel will determine the location for the point of service and metering equipment. We will work with you and your contractor during the site selection; however, we assume no responsibility to change the location of the service entrance should it be improperly installed or if our site location is not utilized.

To avoid delays, please meet with our representatives before installing your equipment. The service entrance/meter pan or house power panel must be installed on exterior walls and should be placed in locations that are easily accessible to our employees for meter maintenance, reading, inspecting and removal.

Coast Electric is happy to work with members on plant design, lot layout and other specifications for new commercial and industrial accounts. 

Our energy management department offers rebate incentives for the installation of energy efficient electric heat pumps and other equipment.

Please contact us for information and advice about your account.

Steven Broussard
Vice President of Engineering

Mark Wallace
Director of Energy Management

When you need electricity during building construction, Coast Electric will connect temporary, single-phase service. The temporary power pole, wiring and equipment should be supplied by the member and installed by your contractor, builder or electrician. We ask that temporary outlets be placed at lot lines or lot corners, where existing transformers or pedestals are located.

A membership fee and service charge are required on all temporary service accounts. These fees are outlined in our list of fees and deposits.

Coast Electric Power Association will connect only one set of service drop conductors per building except as permitted by the National Electrical Code. All meters are supplied and installed by Coast Electric Power Association and remain the property of the association.

Meter Tampering and Seals
Mississippi code prohibits the tampering and unauthorized breaking of Coast Electric Power Association meter seals. The offense is a misdemeanor and is subject to penalty, fines and prosecution.

Fees & Charges
Coast Electric Power Association has established fees and charges based on the reasonable and customary standard for our industry and local area.

A membership fee, service charge and deposit are required on new residential accounts. These fees are outlined in our list of fees and deposits.

Additional fees or charges may be required when line construction is needed to bring electricity to your property. These charges are determined by our engineering department based on factors such as distance from existing lines, number of poles and other line equipment to be installed.

If you are interested in underground service to your home, please contact us at 877-769-2372. In areas where overhead services are normally installed, members may pay additional fees.

Construction charges are also applicable when existing residential overhead service is changed to underground service. 

Electric Distribution Facilities Regulations

To transfer or disconnect your service, please contact any Coast Electric office or call 1-877-769-2372.

To transfer your service or change the name on your account, please fill out the correct name change or transfer form here.

Get Our New Service Book

Coast Electric’s New Service Book contains useful information about the equipment needed to bring electricity to your home or business. Our requirements are considered supplementary to the National Electrical Code and any other state or local laws and ordinances that may be enforced.

This information refers primarily to the service entrance requirements at the usual secondary voltages for both residential and commercial installations. This information also covers application for service, inspections and permits, safety information and the Comfort Advantage program, among other items.

To request a copy by mail call (228) 363-7222.


Your Local Electric Cooperative Here to Serve You

service area map

Coast Electric Power Association serves more than 85,000 members in Harrison, Hancock and Pearl River counties. The cooperative maintains a headquarters and operations center in Kiln, district offices in Picayune and Gulfport, and branch offices in Bay St. Louis, Biloxi and Poplarville.

Office hours at all locations are 8 a.m. until 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Call Center hours are 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

For outage reporting, 24 hours a day, seven days a week call 877-769-2372 or use the free CE on the Go app available for Apple and Android devices.

Power Cost Adjustment Rate 13J

Appendix A – Fees and Deposits

18A Tax Expense Adjustment Rider

Lighting Rate 7k

*52H - Small Commercial Time of Use

*54H - Commercial Time of Use 

*55G - Church Time of Use 

Outdoor Lighting Chart

*Rates 52, 54 and 55 are no longer available for commercial members signing up for Time of Use rates. The nonresidential Time of Use rate - rate 67 or rate 70 - is now the only rate available. Other rates listed were available previously and members who were already using these rates had the option to keep using the commercial, church and small commercial TOU rates.

Standard Rates

Small Commercial Rate Calculator

Commercial Rate Calculator

Church Rate Calculator

Time of Use Rates

*Nonresidential Time of Use Rate Calculator

Small Commercial Time of Use Rate Calculator

Commercial Time of Use Rate Calculator

Church Time of Use Rate Calculator

*The nonresidential Time of Use (TOU) rate is now the only rate available for commercial members who choose to sign up for Time of Use rates. Other rates listed were available previously and members who were already using these rates had the option to keep using the commercial, church and small commercial TOU rates.

Member Handbook

member handbook

Coast Electric’s Member Handbook provides information about the seven cooperative principles, management staff and board of directors, member services, meter reading, billing, power outage information, reporting service problems, fees and charges and more.

To request a copy of this publication by mail call (228) 363-7222.

Time of Use Rates

As a consumer, you’re accustomed to making money-saving choices and paying lower prices for goods and services used during off-peak times. A number of industries — such as telecommunications and commercial airlines — offer attractive off-peak rates to even out customer demand and prevent system overload.

Coast Electric’s Time of Use (TOU) electric rate is based on the same idea. By reducing your electric use during peak times, you have the opportunity to decrease your annual energy costs — without reducing the overall amount of electricity you use.

Contact Phillippe Michel to learn more about TOU rates for your business.

Programs and Services

Our team of energy experts is here to help you determine which programs and rates can help you save so you can concentrate on the core mission of your business. From advice about lighting equipment to free energy audits, we have several programs that can help your business thrive. Contact Phillippe Michel to learn more about solutions for your business.

comfort advantage plus logoComfort Advantage is a recognized standard for energy-efficient construction and quality products for the home and business. The benefits of Comfort Advantage are promoted by electric cooperatives who provide electric service to more than 400,000 Mississippi homes and businesses.

Comfort Advantage programs and services offer our members knowledge, cash incentives and peace of mind.

Information about our Comfort Advantage program for: 

Builders, Insulators and HVAC Dealers

See how you can get the Comfort Advantage. Contact Phillippe Michel – 228-363-7261. 

Coast Electric has a number of outdoor lighting options. Contact your local office, or call 877-769-2372 to schedule an appointment with a serviceman. He will help you determine the best fixture for your needs and the best placement for the fixture.

Lighting Rate 7k

Outdoor Lighting Chart

Coast Electric’s Commercial Energy Audit is a service provided to Coast Electric members to help them understand and manage their energy use.

The free audit is a walk-through procedure by our commercial energy expert. Our representative will perform a thorough investigation of your business to determine energy use patterns and recommend energy-saving improvements designed to lower your monthly electric bill.

Contact Phillippe Michel  228-363-7261. 

Heat Pump Rebate:
You can receive $50 per ton for the installation of energy-efficient electric heat pumps. Heat pumps provide heating and cooling in one system. Heat pumps are one of the most advanced and energy-efficient heating and cooling options available. 

Electric Cooking Equipment Rebate:

You can receive $10 per kilowatt (kW) on each piece of electric cooking equipment rated at 6kW or greater. Some of the benefits of electric cooking equipment include cooler kitchens, happier employees, lower overall cooling bills, reduced ventilation requirements and easy cleaning.

Inspections of the installed equipment must be performed for business owners to qualify for either of these programs.

Contact Phillippe Michel  228-363-7261.
Director of Energy Management: Mark Wallace (228) 363-7305

Reporting Outages

Coast Electric has options that make outage reporting easy. You can use our free CE on the Go app or text us to report your outage. Reporting outages via text or on our app gets information to the dispatch center in seconds and means you don't have to wait on hold.

If you would like to report your outage via text, you must first have a mobile number associated with your Coast Electric account. Then, text, "Join" to 352667. Text "Start" when you receive the welcome message. Text "Menu" for a full list of options. Text "Outage" to report an outage. It's that easy! Message and data rates may apply. See our terms of service.

We don't want your power to go out but when it does, we can promise there is a dedicated team of employees working to restore your service as quickly as they safely can.

CE on the go

Economic Development

Supporting the Community through Economic Development

Coast Electric Power Association supports economic development in the communities it serves in two ways.

  1. Building infrastructure necessary to reliably support business and industry needs today and tomorrow.
  2. The cooperative works aggressively to match prospective economic development projects with U.S. Department of Agriculture rural development loans and grants.

The purpose of the U.S. Department of Agriculture Rural Economic Development (RED) Loan and Grant program is to leverage private and other public funding to expand the economic base of rural communities. The RED loan program provides loans to local utilities which in turn pass through the loans to local businesses for projects that will create and retain employment in the areas Coast Electric serves.

As designated rural communities, Harrison, Hancock and Pearl River counties are eligible to benefit from the federal funding.

Coast Electric Power Association (CEPA) plays an active role in the development of our communities. Our board and staff provide leadership and financial participation in the economic development and business expansion of our service territory and our community. Through the creation of a revolving loan fund, known as CEPA FUND, Coast Electric is seeking to improve the quality of life in our area by supporting projects that create and retain job opportunities for residents; provide technical assistance, education or medical care to businesses or residents; that further the use of advanced telecommunications services and computer networks for medical, educational and job training services; and that upgrade the public infrastructure to improve the economic development potential of areas and the health, safety and medical care of residents.

Learn more about the CEPA Fund

CE on the GO app logo

The easy way to manage your account, report outages and more

Today, people are on the go more than ever. That’s why we’ve developed CE on the Go, a free mobile app designed to give you fast, secure account access and make it easier than ever to report and track power outages.

Nearly everything you can access from our member account portal when you click “MyAccount” can be handled instantly from your mobile device. Here’s what you can do with CE on the Go:

  • Report power outages in a matter of seconds
  • View our outage map
  • Access and manage your account
  • Pay your bill anytime, from any place
  • Find payment locations
  • View your energy usage to help you save money

Let CE on the Go make your life easier. Download our free app today.

CE Onthe Go
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