High-speed internet is here!

Pilot Project Coming to Pearl River County

Coast Electric Power Association has been awarded a grant that will bring high-speed internet service to residents in northern Pearl River County, the most unserved and underserved area of the cooperative’s service territory.

In July of 2020, Coast Electric, along with 14 other electric cooperatives in Mississippi, submitted grant applications for broadband high-speed internet pilot projects through the state, funded by the federal CARES Act coronavirus recovery plan.

The Mississippi State Legislature set aside $65 million in matching funds for broadband deployment by electric cooperatives throughout the state. This grant funding will be awarded through the Mississippi Public Utilities Staff.

This pilot project is a small-scale venture that will help the cooperative determine and evaluate the feasibility of providing broadband service to other areas of its service territory.

The pilot project will target more than 3,700 members served by the Derby and Crossroads substations in northern Pearl River County. Those served by the Derby substation will be the first to receive service by the end of 2020. Those served by Crossroads will be in the second phase of the project. 

As part of the requirement for receiving CARES Act funds, pilot projects are moving quickly with service being available to those served by the Derby substation later this fall. Members served by Crossroads will be in phase two of the pilot project. 

Fiber optics give us the ability to serve you with state-of-the-art broadband service. We will offer two options, 100 Mbs for $54.95 plus tax and 1 Gbs for $84.95 plus tax, with a router and managed Wi-Fi included. The service will be the same for upload and download speeds, without a data cap. 

If you live in northern Pearl River County and are interested in high speed internet service provided by Coast Electric,  you can fill out out this interest form. Filling out this form does not obligate you to sign up for service. 

Members served by the Derby substation - which includes the areas highlighted in yellow - will be in the first phase of our pilot project. The second phase of the project will include members served by our Crossroads substation.

Hot Spots Now Available in Pearl River County

Coast Electric Power Association is now offering free high-speed wireless internet hot spots in northern Pearl River County in conjunction with our broadband pilot project funded by a federal CARES Act grant. 

These hot spots are available from 6 a.m. - 10 p.m. for our members, neighbors and friends to practice social distancing while also accessing the internet.

Locations include: 

The Corner Store
8967 Hwy. 11 South
Poplarville, MS

Cale's Healthy Way
10155 Hwy. 11
Poplarville, MS

Duval's Quick Stop
9797 Hwy. 11
Poplarville, MS

White Sand Baptist Church
2037 Hwy. 26 W
Poplarville, MS

  • Open your Wi-Fi settings.
  • Select the “CoastConnect” wireless network.
  • No password is necessary.
  • Accept the terms and conditions.

Hot spots are running at a speed of 100 mbps. 

  • Please remain in your vehicle while accessing the hot spot.
  • Never leave children unattended in the vehicles.
  • Users not following the rules could be asked to leave the parking lot.

FAQs About High-Speed Internet Service

For my home: 

100 MB           $54.95             *100 mbps up and down - no data cap/no
                                                 committed info rate
1GB                 $84.95             *1gbps up and down - no data cap/no
                                                 committed info rate 

For my business: 

Call us for a quote

All prices posted are per month. Fees for equipment are included in the service prices listed above.

This chart shows you what can be done with various speeds. Coast Electric is offering 100 Mpbs and 1 GB packages. 

                                        3Mbps             25 Mbps         100 Mbps           1GB    

Download 100 photos    14.7 minutes      1.8 minutes     26.4 seconds       2.6 seconds

Download HD movie       4.8 hours            34.4 minutes   8.6 minutes         51.5 seconds

Download 50 songs        8.2 minutes         1 minute         14.7 seconds       1.5 seconds

Download 50GB game    39.8 hours          4.8 hours         1.2 hours             7.2 minutes

Yes, a technician will have to come inside for installation and set up. 

Yes, there is a one-year contract for service. If you choose to disconnect service before the contract is up, you will be responsible for pay for the remaining months. 

The typical limit in the most common configuration is approximately 250 connected wireless devices, including tablets, smart phones, computers, smart watches, smart lights, security cameras, etc.  The fact is that bandwidth is not limitless, and sooner or later the router will not be able to manage all those devices.  For example, a Wi-Fi router rated at 500 Mbps with 100 connected devices will only offer on average of 5 Mbps to each device.

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