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Operation Round Up collects voluntary donations from Coast Electric members to benefit organizations in the cooperative's service area – Hancock, Harrison and Pearl River counties. The monthly bills of participating Coast Electric members will automatically be rounded up each month to the nearest dollar and the amount collected will be donated to local organizations. For example, if your bill is $145.50, it will be rounded up to $146.00 and 50 cents will be deposited in the Coast Electric Community Trust. The average contribution per member will be approximately 50 cents per month, less than two cents a day. With at least 85 percent of Coast Electric’s members participating, we can put an average of $418,000 back into the communities where we live, work and play each year.


Working together, the cooperative way, we are always making a difference. Now, you have the potential to make a greater impact in your community for an average contribution of 50 cents each month. While it may not seem like your spare change can do much, when combined with the efforts of your fellow Coast Electric members, your pennies and dimes will fund projects that will improve the quality of life in our communities.

We hope that you see the benefits of Operation Round Up for our communities and will want the program to have as much positive impact as possible. However, if you do not feel this program is to your benefit, we have made opting out simple. Contact a Coast Electric member service representative at 877-7MY-CEPA (877-769-2372) or complete the opt-out form. Members who opt out can always decide to contribute again later. New members will be automatically enrolled but will have the opportunity to decline participation.


Cooperatives are governed by a set of principles, including the Seventh Cooperative Principle, “Concern for Community.” From children’s programs and non-profit organizations to environmental initiatives and volunteer organizations, Coast Electric has a long history of community support. Operation Round Up, which has been adopted by hundreds of electric cooperatives across the country, allows Coast Electric the opportunity to extend our community commitment and provide additional funding with the help of our members. This program allows Coast Electric and its members to work together to positively impact the quality of life in our communities.


Operation Round Up funds will benefit community projects in Hancock, Harrison and Pearl River counties. The Coast Electric Community Trust will be managed by a committee comprised of nine appointed members from throughout the cooperative’s service area. The committee will meet twice each year to review applications and select recipients.


Any organization in Coast Electric’s service area can apply for funding. Based on the Community Trust guidelines, nonprofit, community, volunteer, educational or civic organizations that generally qualify as exempt under 501(c)(3) may apply for grants. Grants will be awarded twice each year. We will make announcements when applications are open. Applications will only be accepted online.


Please contact the Gulf Coast Community Foundation at (228) 897-4841.

Advisory committee/Coast Electric Community Trust Committee

One benefit of cooperative membership is that leadership roles are filled by our members. Besides our Board of Directors, we have another committee of Coast Electric members that serve as our eyes and ears in the community. Coast Electric’s advisory committee members serve three consecutive one-year terms and spend time learning about our business and giving us new perspectives on our programs and services.

Advisory committee members also serve as the advisory committee for Coast Electric’s Community Trust. When local charitable organizations apply for grants funded by our Operation Round Up program, the Gulf Coast Community Foundation (GCCF) reviews grants to ensure they are eligible for funding and passes along applications that meet funding requirements to members of the Advisory Committee/Community Trust Committee for review. These men and women will work to determine which grants will be funded to making lasting, positive impacts in our local communities.

Hancock County Advisory/Community Trust Committee Members
Blake Travis
Ronnie Breland
Duane Wilson

Harrison County Advisory/Community Trust Committee Members
Fred Hoff
Valerie Underwood
Padrick Dennis

Pearl River County Advisory/Community Trust Committee Members
Candace Harper
Caleb Smith
Cody Cuevas

Coast Electric community trust

Applications will be available twice each year. Applications will only be accepted online only. Applications will be available in February and August each year. 

Organizations can receive only one grant per calendar year. If your organization applies and does not receive a grant, you may apply again in the same calendar year. 

Although there are many worthy charitable and educational projects and community needs in our local area, the limited availability of funds requires us to establish funding priority categories. Funds will be used for the greater good of our communities for organizations or charities who align with Coast Electric’s mission, culture and values.

Funding priorities include but are not limited to projects that focus on the following:  

Community Service:
1. Programs, projects and organizations that are important components of a community’s overall quality of life.
2. Programs and projects that enhance the cultural environment of communities in our local area.

Economic Development:
1. Programs and projects designed to promote greater economic stability by helping to expand and diversify local economies and promote tourism.
2. Community leadership programs designed to improve problem solving skills and empower people to become self-reliant in identifying solutions to local economic and social problems.

Education and Youth:
1. Schools served by Coast Electric may apply for grants for programs/projects that benefit students/teachers.
2. Programs that are designed to combat critical social problems affecting youth.
3. Programs and projects that promote wellness and encourage youth participation in athletics and physical fitness activities.

1. Programs and projects that promote community recycling and natural resource preservation.
2. Community-based environmental quality education programs.

Energy Assistance:
Share Your Blessings – an energy assistance program established through Coast Electric to help Coast Electric members in need.

Contributions will only be made to support bona fide charitable nonprofit organizations and activities that align with Coast Electric's culture and values. 

Contributions generally will not be made for:

  • Lobbying or political issues or campaigns
  • Fund-raising dinners, raffles and other events
  • Individuals
  • Capital fund campaigns
  • National fund drives
  • Advertising
  • Internal payroll expenses of an organization
  • Operating expenses 

The Coast Electric Community Trust committee will present information about disbursements at the Annual Meeting. The information will also be published in Today in Mississippi. You will be able to learn about all of the amazing things your contributions are doing for our community at www.coastepa.com and on our social media outlets. There will be an annual report for the program as well. 

We will post photos, videos and stories from funded organizations on our social media outlets. Make sure you check in to see how your spare change is making a big difference! 

Operation Round Up Annual Report

Coast Electric will continue to support Share Your Blessings, an energy assistance fund. Twenty-five percent of annual Operation Round Up collections will be donated to Share Your Blessings.

Find out more about Share Your Blessings or see if you qualify for assistance. Share Your Blessings

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