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Reduce Your Use Contest

Coast Electric wants you to reduce your energy use and see savings on your monthly energy costs! Each month, you will have an opportunity to register to win a prize that will help you reduce the energy consumption in your home. All you have to do is fill out our entry form below. It only takes a few seconds and you could win a prize that helps you save!

August Reduce Your Use Prize

Some electronics – like TVs, gaming consoles, chargers, streaming devices and DVD players – use energy when plugged into outlets, even when they’re not in use. LED lights, clocks and glowing buttons that are still visible after you turn off your devices are using energy. Cable boxes that stay on all of the time can cost up to $7-8 per month. Gaming consoles are some of the biggest offenders and can use just as much energy on standby as when they are being played. Take a walk around your house and take note of the electronics that are using small amounts of electricity all of the time. That small amount of electricity from all those little things can add up and can mean a higher bill.

While using a regular power strip works well, most of us don’t remember to turn off the power strip every time we are finished using electronics. One way to combat this energy use is to use a new smart power strip. Some newer  power strips sense when electronics go into standby or sleep mode and turn the power off to the outlet. Other power strips have designated outlets for the devices like your television or stereo. Once those items are turned off, the smart strip will turn off all the other outlets on the power strip. Over time this can help you use less energy and spend less too.

The August Reduce Your Use prize is a smart power strip that will help you combat those small energy loads that can really add up!

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Reduce Your Use Contest

You can enter each month to win a prize in our Reduce Your Use contest! Prizes will help you reduce the energy you use in your home, meaning lower energy costs for you. We will have different prizes each month so remember that you must complete a new entry for each prize.


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