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Reduce Your Use Contest

Coast Electric wants you to reduce your energy use and see savings on your monthly energy costs! Each month, you will have an opportunity to register to win a prize that will help you reduce the energy consumption in your home. All you have to do is fill out our entry form below. It only takes a few seconds and you could win a prize that helps you save!

May Reduce Your Use Prize

From incandescent light bulbs that give off more heat energy than light energy, to CFL bulbs and, now, highly-efficient LED bulbs, light bulbs have come a long way in the past decade. Replacing your current light bulbs with LED bulbs can be the fastest, simplest payback project you do when making energy improvements to your home or business. LED bulbs use one-fourth the energy of incandescent light bulbs and even less than CFL bulbs. You will not notice a huge difference on your electric bill since lighting only typically makes up 10 to 15 percent of your bill; but it will add up over time – and LED bulbs last a long time.

LED bulbs will help your home or commercial space in many ways. LEDs not only save you money
on your lighting costs, these bulbs also save on your cooling costs by reducing the amount of heat load in your home. LEDs are brighter than other bulbs but give off less heat. Every 1 kilowatt (1,000 watts) you replace with LEDs can save 3,412 BTUs of cooling. LED bulbs often replace a yellow light tone with a brighter, white tone, making it easier to read and lighting your home with a tone that seems more like sunlight. For those who like
warmer tones, there are now more color options with LED bulbs. LEDs also come in all the different styles you may need, such as dimmable, 3-way, flood and candelabra.

This month’s Reduce Your Use lucky winner will be able to outfit their entire home with LED bulbs for FREE!

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Reduce Your Use Contest

You can enter each month to win a prize in our Reduce Your Use contest! Prizes will help you reduce the energy you use in your home, meaning lower energy costs for you. We will have different prizes each month so remember that you must complete a new entry for each prize.