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Reduce Your Use Contest

Coast Electric wants you to reduce your energy use and see savings on your monthly energy costs! Each month, you will have an opportunity to register to win a prize that will help you reduce the energy consumption in your home. All you have to do is fill out our entry form below. It only takes a few seconds and you could win a prize that helps you save!

July Reduce Your Use Prize

Most of us have heard that you should turn the lights off when you leave the room. Turning lights off saves energy and money. To calculate how much energy you save for every hour each light bulb in your house is switched off, first check the watt rating printed on it. If the bulb is a 60-watt bulb and it is off for one hour, then you are saving .06 kilowatt hours.

Replacing incandescent bulbs with LED bulbs, which use at least 75 percent less electricity and last five to 10  times longer, reduces energy and maintenance cost. Using natural lighting or daylight when possible will also help reduce your costs.

This month’s energy-saving prize is a motion sensing light bulb socket. The bulb socket will activate when motion is detected and will turn off automatically after a period of time when motion stops. 

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Reduce Your Use Contest

You can enter each month to win a prize in our Reduce Your Use contest! Prizes will help you reduce the energy you use in your home, meaning lower energy costs for you. We will have different prizes each month so remember that you must complete a new entry for each prize.