Is Solar Power Right for Your Home?

If you are trying to make decisions about how you would like to utilize renewable energy resources for your home, we are your source for information. Check out our guide to solar energy.

If you believe our Cooperative Solar rate plan is right for you, you may complete our Cooperative Solar Agreement.


To find out more about Coast Electric’s solar energy rate, or to determine if rooftop solar is a good option for your home, email Guy Johnson or call 228-363-7329.

So You've Decided to Install...

If you have determined that you would like to install rooftop solar panels on your home, you must review and fill out our solar procedures, agreement and application. Why do we require a legal contract for solar electric (photovoltaic) systems? When solar electric generation is connected to utility-metered wiring at your home or business, it is interconnected to our wholesale power provider and ultimately to the national power grid. Failure to meet certain standards can create a serious safety hazard for owners, power line crews and others.

Solar Energy Resources

Learn more about solar energy Solar Energy Basics for Homes and Businesses

Learn more about renewable energy.

Federal tax credits for energy efficiency.Tax incentives for energy efficiency.

Tax incentives for energy efficiency.

National Renewable Cooperative Organization

Geothermal Heating and Cooling Information

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